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These are some of the most important recommendations that you should consider before and after plastic surgery.


  1. Being well informed about the operation you want to submit
  2. Perform necessary preoperative tests well in advance for your operation.

  3. After obtaining the results of your analysis, make an appointment with your specialist for the surgery date.

  4. Tell your doctor about all medicines you take regularly including any teas, vitamins and slimming to lose appetite.

  5. Eat more citrus juice or take medications that contain ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

  6. Having proper clothing to wear after surgery such as girdles, bras, light-colored preferiblementes.

  7. Organize activities at home or work, remembering that you will be partially disabled from 48 to 72 hours after surgery.

  8. About foods you can eat anything you feel that tolerates preferably potatoes, cheese, chicken broths, beef or fish which will help you recover soon.

  9. You should not remove the belt for any reason up to 72 hours after surgery, even for bathing.

  10. It is very important to realize that the wounds will drain bloody fluid in the first 24 hours.

  11. Do not alter the recipe. If in doubt call the Doctor.

  12. Your first appointment is very important, do not miss, you can answer your questions and do all sorts of questions.


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