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Atahualpa Ramírez interviews Dr. Javier Báez Anglés at the show "Café con Leche"

The aesthetic plastic surgeon Javier Baez Angles, came as a special guest to the show "Café con Leche" which produces the communicator Atahualpa Ramirez, on channel 25 in the city of Santiago.

During the interview Dr. Báez Anglés answered questions and concerns related to plastic surgery and the various procedures performed. The surgeon emphasized in the importance of choosing a specialist in aesthetic plastic surgery for the patient safety and also to reduce risks of complications and obtain better results.

He also referred to the solid training he received in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he studied for five years, making know that Brazil is one of the best destinations for residency in plastic surgery, due to the high volume of surgical procedures performed there and the international recognition of their surgeons, who develop and practice innovative surgical techniques that have positioned this country as the Mecca in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery.



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